Since I was a child, I have loved painting. Starting at Edith Sachs in Miraflores, then during the summers in the Fine Arts school in downtown Lima. I was able to exploit my passion for drawing to the fullest at the school in Lucerne, Switzerland. Today I try to use those free times to dream and show the world a little bit of mind and feelings.
That's me

My Story

I was born and raised in Lima, Peru. After studying Communications at the university, I decided to go to Switzerland to start a new life, far away from inequality and corruption. In Bern I studied German and soon after I applied to Lucerne University. I moved back and started my studies in Illustration Fiction and finished them successfully.
After that I move to Zurich and started working in advertising. Since then, I work in art direction and animation. It's a bit difficult to be able to live in Switzerland as an artist. That's why I keep my job, which I like very much and I am constantly learning.
I spend my free time creating ideas on paper and painting. I love to travel and discover new cultures. Everything around me, all kind of experience, is a source of inspiration for my art.


Tigresas, Trabajos y más
Mehrspur, Musikklub-Bar-Galerie, Zürich
Tigresas y Trabajos
L+200, Verein Kreis 5, Zürich